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Beyond HOPE

New York City
1997 August 8, 9, & 10

A conference of hackers, phreakers & netizens that was held in New York City the weekend of August 8, 9, & 10.

This page was part of The Cheshire Catalyst's Home Page for many nmonths. It is now considered an historical archive. If you wish to "mirror" this site, inform me, and you may become its Official Residence". You have been warned.

If you wish, you may now read the article that was developed from the talk I presented at Beyond HOPE. If you know of a magazine that would wish to publish the article, let me know.

It was great  getting Garth Brooks to open the Hacker's conference for us. (If you haven't figurted it out by now, the Garth Brooks concert was in Central Park the night before Beyond Hope. We had nothing to do with it, Garth doesn't know us from Adam, but someone had a great time writting some damn funny copy! I thought it was hilarious.

Here's some links I picked up in New York City while attending the Beyond HOPE conference.

Many of these links are "timing-out".
While not responsible for broken links
Please inform me of replacement sites.

  • CyberCafe, where the Java isn't all in your coffee cup! It's just down Lafayette St from the Conference.
  • The POP Shop, the retail store for artworks, posters, and other neat stuff based on the works of the late Keith Haring, who I once ran across in the subways doing one of his numerous chalk drawings.
  • 2600 Magazine Offices. I was priveliged to be allowed to take a shower there!
  • Rosaphil's Page, she's a acquaintance of Aron Kay, the Yippie Pieman.
  • What to do in case of Viking Invasion. This web site was used in my lecture on Low Bandwidth Access to the Internet, and people asked about it. Here it is. The site was particularly unusual at the time, since it used to be located at the NASA Ames Research Center. The things you have to worry about when you run a space program! Another site used in the lecture was Ozzie's SpaceLaunch Viewing FAQ Page, where my roommate keeps some interesting Hyperlinks to the Space Program. You could also go directly to Ozzie's Home Page.
  • Support's Home Page, a youngster I met called Support who was a Volunteer at Beyond HOPE. Working at a conference like this is how you become Elite, you know.
  • Tom Icom is a member of the International Information Retrieval Guild, and an editor of the Cybertek Newsletter.
  • is a site which harkens back to the days of the OSUNY BBS.
  • Tall Paul, an editor with Computer Underground Digest (CU Digest). He's into documenting facist activity in his Antifa Info Digest. He has recently e-mailed me with what he wants from me in these endevours. You can read his letter to me, and my reply.
  • Web Pages enhanced for Lynx, the non-graphic web browser. There are also pages that are Dehanced for Lynx. Say, do you know where to find a good HTML Primer for Web Masters who are just starting out? And here's an HTML Character Set Table, for those of you who see writing web pages as a participation sport.
  • Cap'n Crunch, the infamous John Draper, was also at Beyond HOPE this year.
  • HIP-97, the Hacking In Progress conference was held in The Netherlands at the same time as Beyond HOPE.
  • The Data Haven Project ran the Beyond HOPE Local Area Network, and internet connectivity. They were great. Sure the network links broke once in a while, but look at who was there hacking them!
  • Pam, who ran the Beyond HOPE Conference (as opposed to Emmanuel who hosted it) has found some Pager Traffic of a Presidential Visit To Philadelphia. Enjoy!
  • LØpht Heavy Industries, a group based in Boston distributed their CD-ROM of Open BSD software, which included some of the software tools they've developed themselves.
  • Counterpane got a mention in the CyberTimes article. (LØpht is now a division of @stake)
  • Press Coverage! Below are some Cyber Clippings from the Beyond HOPE conference.
    • Wired Magazine (one of my personal favorites) also covered the event. I'll be laughing my ass off for years over Wired calling me a "Patron Saint of hackers"!
    • The Associated Press even quotes me directly, and highlight's it outside the column! (what an ego-boost!)
    • The New York Times, Cyber Times. In the print edition, we made the Front Page (but it was below the fold).
      • You'll have to Register a username at the NY Times, but it's free
    • The Netly News (See CNN Below)
    • ABC News
    • Time Magazine (funny, we didn't seem to make the print edition).
    • The Boston Globe, which also followed the transit card angle as their local hook to the story.
    • Cable News Network (CNN), which seems to mirror The Netly News coverage above.
    • Der Spiegle ran an article covering both Beyond HOPE and HIP.
    • USA Today. This doesn't seem to go where it should. E-mail me if you know the URL this should go to. There is this which looks interesting, and that and also another. I hope that makes up for it. ;-)>

        The New York Post sent their Transit Reporter! One of the featured speakers discussed hacking the Transit Authority's electronic money system, the MetroCard, so it wasn't as far fetched as it seems. But think of what it means that the Post thinks it needs a Transit Reporter in New York City!

    If you wish, you may view the Original Beyond HOPE WebPage as it was submitted by The Cheshire Catalyst to 2600 Magazine (I can sit and listen to yammerheads talk about putting a Web Page together for only so long before I have to do something).

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    The Web Access Symbol means this page is enhanced for people with disabilities.

    This was mentioned in my lecture on low bandwidth access to the Internet, so it's included here. The talk has recently been written up into a future article submission for 2600 magazine. If you like, you can read the article on "Low Bandwidth Access to the Internet from Public Library Terminals".

  • Sean Huss of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (who attended the Beyond HOPE conference) is doing a scholarly study of Hackers and the hacker communitty. I have joined the study group, and urge you to read Sean's e-mail to me about the study, and determine for yourself if you would like to join it as a participant yourself. I hope you will. To join the study, you can e-mail Sean at Please e-mail me if you do.

    At the Beyond HOPE Conference, a couple of young kids came up to me, all happy to meet The Cheshire Catalyst, and partake of his wisdom. "So, uh, Cheshire, what do you think the future of hacking will be, huh?" I don't think they were quite prepared for the 15 minute tirade they got.

    More recently, I got an e-mail from a young college student who pretty much asked the same thing, "What do you think of the security of Electronic Commerce? Think it's got much of a future?"

    Please Click Here For
    Cheshire's Tirade on Electronic Commerce

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